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Koi is a freshwater fish that was first bred for color mutations in China more than a thousand years ago, but Japan has played a decisive role in its selection and popularization.

Koi is also referred to as “nishikigoi”. From the scientific and historical point of view, there is only one type of carp Koi, but because of the variety of colors and patterning, they are divided into 14 basic breeds, which have about 100 color variations-classifications. Koi live for a very long time - on average 25-35 years, but in perfect care age of some individuals can reach even 100 years, and size up to 90 cm and more. It should be borne in mind that the old Koi die not from old age, but from insufficient quality of maintenance and care.

They have a special value and have formed a whole culture, because each fish has such an individual and unique color that it is impossible to find two identical persons, so each Koi is considered to be a work of art and a source of pride for the Japanese people. Throughout the globe, there are clubs of lovers of Koi, also, many exhibitions and competitions are held annually. It is believed that the Koi carps collection is no less valuable and prestigious than an antique or artistic collection.

It is believed that the best Koi in the world are deduced in Japan. In Japan, these fish are primarily pets, beloved domestic animals of the whole family. They are also a symbol of love and friendship. In minutes of rest, the Japanese are very fond of watching the graceful movements of Koi. In Chinese culture, it is believed that they bring happiness, and the Japanese consider it a symbol of courage, bravery, love and wealth.

Recently, in many countries, for example in Poland and Israel, there are Koi carps, which, by their qualitative characteristics, are close to Japanese, and sometimes they are better. By the way, Israel ranked second in the world, after Japan, by the number of Koi breeding farms and sales of this extraordinary fish. Koi from Israel have a good reputation and are in demand from the most sophisticated European and American connoisseurs and, generally, around the world.

Nowadays, keeping Koi carps turned into a passionate passion around the world. They have the greatest success in Europe, the United States and Australia. Throughout the world, the breeding business of these fish is well developed, and in Japan, there is even a licensing of this type of activity.

From the nature of Koi, they are prone to getting used to and eventually becoming tame. The tendency to enjoy the interaction with people makes it the most favorite and most desirable fish among the owners of lakes and reservoirs. Nothing so calms like a pond with fish. The corner of nature with fishes at home is an oasis that gives you the opportunity to relax from everyday hustle, meditate and to think.

Koi is a living gem, a pearl of each lake. No more water decoration than the Koi carp in combination with clear water and beautiful plants.

You can buy quality Koi from the best farms of Israel and Poland in our Also, get advice from our experts on choosing, keeping, and caring for Koi.